Getting married is one of the great joys of life. I vow to make sure that stress doesn't overwhelm the joy of getting married by sharing my experience, ideas and love. Your engagement and ceremony should be a magical time and so I will focus my energies and efforts to support you, and help you and your guests experience your perfect day... your way. Together, we will create and participate in a wedding ceremony that will be remembered and treasured forever.


Rites of passage

Rites of Passage

The rites of passage are ceremonies that celebrate the natural transitions that we humans all experience: birth, puberty, maturity, the elder stage and death - hopefully in that order. Honoring these important milestones of human development with rites of passage ceremonies helps us to stay in touch with our own natural cycles, both as individuals and as a culture, and therefore also to align with the natural world around us.

Rites of Passage ceremonies are significant in many cultures (Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs and, in some churches, confirmation, are examples).They exist for many different life stages. I can help you put together the perfect ritual for your occasion.

I am also available to perform important nature rituals such as solstice and full moon meditations. These rituals have been around for thousands of years and hold an important significance to our human history and oneness with nature.

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Transitional Memorials

It is easy to feel overwhelmed after the loss of a loved one. As a minister, it is my job to both comfort, console and remind the friends and family that their loved one is not really gone but has moved into a different from of energy. That is why I call it a "Transitional Celebration". During the ceremony, it is important obviously to begin the grieving process but to also celebrate the joys of having that person in your life

I also provide follow-up services for friends and family members during the grieving process. Grieving is a natural part of letting go and upon request will meet with family members after the

house blessing

House Blessings

Negative energies can remain for a number of different reasons and can affect those in the residence or business. This is where spiritual building cleansing is needed. I will do a full cleaning from the Native American tradition of using sage and sacred items to identify and clear negative energies. Once this process is complete, I will perform a blessing in the building.

I will also perform the blessing part of the ritual. If you move to a new home or start a new business in a new location, I will perform a blessing ceremony in which the physical building is blessed as well as setting the intention for the home or business.


Baby Blessings

Probably every culture around the globe performs some form of welcoming when a baby is born. For many people in our culture, there are traditional welcomings such as the baby naming, baptism and christening. Blessing a baby can be done anywhere the baby and their family want to celebrate. A belief in the power of a loving gathering of well wishers is all that is needed.