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Dear Friend,

I invite you to awaken to your innate oneness with Spirit, view outworn beliefs and patterns as simply sign posts to direct you back to your higher self with ease and grace. Realize your inner depth of love and wisdom. Open to the vast, limitless, magnificence that resides at the core of your being. Step into a life of authenticity, compassion and harmony by embracing your whole self both shadow and light.

My greatest joy is to meet you where you are at and sit with you as you discover who you truly are. This website offers you resources and information for your spiritual journey. I invite you to explore the many offerings provided here in hopes that they speak to you in your heart and lessen the burdens of your soul. Blessings of ease and grace.


About Sherri

I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, counselor and retired Religious Science Practitioner. I have worked with individuals and groups who want to release their past wounds, revive their spiritual energy and vision, and feel inspired to realize their highest potential.

I began my spiritual path at the age of fifteen, when my paternal grandmother died of cancer which caused me to question life and begin my search for something that would give me control over the loss and fear I felt. This turning point in my life set in motion a spiritual journey studying metaphysics, A Course in Miracles, Religious Science, and finally Interfaith Ministry.

My spiritual training began in my twenties in metaphysics and the study of A Course in Miracles. In my thirties I discovered Religious Science and completed training to become a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 1995. I also facilitated at quarterly Inner Child Workshops which were experiential seminars that provided participants the opportunity to release the past and embrace their life as a blessing. By serving during these events, I experienced being an open vessel for Spirit to channel healing for both the participants and myself. I learned we can recreate our lives when we choose.

In my forties, I completed seminary training in which I studied the world’s spiritual traditions, their distinctions and the universal thread that runs through them all. I was ordained an interfaith minister in 2011.

As an ordained interfaith minister, my work today is a synthesis of many tools and techniques that affirm we all contain innate wisdom and resources. Contact me for personal coaching sessions, rituals, ceremonies, and speaking opportunities.

In addition to the above I share a home with my three dogs, Hannah, Sadie and Frodo and two cats, Will and Tom. They are all rescue animals which is an issue I am very passionate about.

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  • Interfaith/InterSpiritual Minister; OneSpirit Learning Alliance- June, 2011
  • BA in Organizational Communication; Oklahoma City University – May, 2009
  • Facilitator of Inner Child Workshops; United Life Church - OKC
  • Religious Science Practitioner Retired - 1995